About Us

Noandishan Aria Gostar Company was established in 2009 with the cooperation of a group of professional experts in the fields of Information Technology, Economy, Human Resources and Financial affairs. With the use of modern Iranian and global tools and concepts, Aria Gostar produces practical software, and supplies hardware. The experience and technical knowledge of this company's experts, play an important role in eliminating weaknesses and improving strengths in offering solutions, speeding up the production of software and providing quality hardware at reasonable prices. Currently, with the support of experienced and mature technical experts, in designing and developing software and hardware, Aria Gostar is a suitable support for managers of organizations in order to methodize and improve their business processes.

  • Basic values

  • Providing tools and facilities for an appropriate after-sales services
  • Rapidity and quality in engineering services along with maintaining accuracy and security
  • Upgrading products due to the quick growth of the software industry
  • Creating flexibility in order to fulfill customers’ needs
  • Maintaining customer loyalty
  • Development of technical achievements
  • Increasing the quality of products
  • Innovation and use of modern knowledge and technology

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Nowadays, with the significant development in technology and the competitive environment, customer orientation is always the way to progress and success. Therefore, Aria Gostar, with the reliance on empathy, sincere cooperation, teamwork, capable and experienced specialists and benefiting from the advice of elite consultants, has undertaken the task of production and providing superior services in order to satisfy as many customers as possible. Customer orientation and creating customer loyalty is one of the most important goals and missions of this company, which is the basis of progress and it believes that the achievement of various successes depends on this principle and customer's satisfaction is a guarantee of the success of the company and the success of the company is also the guarantee of a new beginning towards the development and progress of our systems.


The experts of this company, in addition to have continuous communication with customers, are continuously improving and upgrading the software and their technical knowledge to increase the satisfaction of the customers and the efficiency of the system to provide a better competitive advantage for its customers.


Timely fulfilment of contractual obligations with appropriate quality and within the budget of the projects Participation of employees in decision-making process of the organization and creation of equal opportunities for them Continuous improvement of the organization's performance as one of the main pillars of management Identification of factors affecting quality and safety in all stages of design Trustworthiness and secrecy towards customers Implementation of the project to increase skills and improve the technical knowledge of employees with the aim of creating motivation Adhering to the standards set by the customer and national and international legal authorities

Maintaining customer loyalty, Is the main factor of success of a software company. it is for this purpose that ensuring satisfaction and customer trust, creating, maintaining and developing a wide and efficient after-sales service network is always on the agenda of this company. Aria Gostar Customer Club website (SUPPORT.ARIAGOSTARCO.IR) is a suitable place for interaction of experts of this company and customers, and providing ESUPPORT services. Aria Gostar experts are committed to providing the fastest and highest quality services.


Company Started

with the cooperation of a group of professional experts in the fields of Information Technology, Economy, Human Resources and Financial affairs


Expanding Our Software

speeding up the production of software



providing quality hardware at reasonable prices.